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Personalised Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most popular items for promotion gifting and brand awareness. It’s not often now that you can walk down the street and not see something with a tote bag on their shoulder. These items are in-demand, popular and work perfectly as promo items for brands. 

When used correctly, tote bag printing is one of the best ways of promoting your business. Tote bags are versatile, easy to transport and they’re genuinely useful too. The best kind of promotional gift or promotion merchandise is that which you know your customer will get lots of use out of – and a tote bag is just that. 

Tote bags are a great item for all ages, and all genders too. They can be designed with different demographics in mind too – which offers your brands the ultimate flexibility. If you use personalised tote bags which have your company logo or name printed on and use them in giveaways and promotions, new and existing customers are more likely to remember the service that you gave them and, ultimately, are more likely to place repeat orders with your company.

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Why are tote bags so successful?

The Global Advertising Specialities Study showed that an overwhelming 89% of those surveyed remembered the advertiser when the campaign used promotional bags as part of their campaign. Here are some of the reasons you’ll want to invest in promotional and personalised tote bags: 

  • Fantastic way to promote your business 
  • Perfect for any marketing or awareness campaigns 
  • Easy to carry – no matter where you go 
  • Useful for shopping 
  • Good for the environment 
  • Saves the customer money (spend on plastic bags)
  • Perfect for use as goodie bags and giveaways at events 
  • Can be folded small or laid flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Can take a variety of designs 
  • Available in lots of colours 

The front of the tote bag is incredibly valuable advertising space, which means that the tote bags are the perfect accessory for any marketing or awareness campaigns. By printing your company name or logo on the front, you’re getting instant recognition and attention when someone uses the bag. This brings attention to your brand and also brings customers to your store or website. 

Lots of brands choose to give away branded tote bags to their clients or customers, which helps spread their logo around and helps with their brand recognition too. 

Get creative 

You can get creative with your tote bag design, and the more creative the better. We’ve seen some great designs at Garment Printing, and it’s the bright or bold designs that really do well for gaining traction and brand awareness. 

Think of your tote bags as walking advertisements for your business! 

The beauty of tote bags is their simplicity and their portability. 

They are excellent day bags thanks to their simple design and this makes them one of the most used accessories. Because they are used so frequently, it gives you (the brand) plenty of opportunity to be seen and spotted. 

Use this to your advantage and be sure to have your logo or branding perfectly positioned for maximum exposure. 

Designing your tote bag 

Our experts will be on hand to help with designing your tote bag and ensuring the design perfectly compliments your brand and message. When you’re creating promotional items it’s important to make sure they’re reflecting your brand in a positive way – and we’ll help make sure your tote bags look exactly how you want them too. 

If you have any questions at any point during the process of designing or ordering, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you or walk you through your options. 

It’s time to tote! 

For so many reasons, tote bags are the ideal product if you’re looking for a promotional product for marketing or merchandising. They work great as ‘freebies’ but they also work well for a giveaway or staff incentive as they are an incredibly low-cost solution and the receiver always appreciates them. 

Our printing experts are able to personalise and customise tote bags using text, photos or your company logo and we ensure that everything is checked and confirmed by you before we begin printing. Our bags come in various different colours, which means that you’re able to choose the perfect design to suit your company branding.